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100 Silver Leaf - 24 Carats - 99.9% pure - edible

100 Silver Leaf - 24 Carats - 99.9% pure - edible


Silver Leaf Leaves

24 Carats / 99.9% pure


This Silver Leaf is 24 Carats Silver that has been hammered into extremely thin sheets and is used for gilding or to decorate food or drink, typically to promote a perception of luxury and high value.

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Silver - fascination for more than 7000 years.

Silver is a soft, white, lustrous transition metal and has been used for thousands of years for ornaments and decorating items to make objects symbolic of high social or political rank. Silverleaf or Silver Leaf is a foil of very pure silver used for garnishing sweets. The silver is edible, though flavorless. Silver Leaves are made by pounding silver into a sheet a few micrometres thick, and backed with paper for support.

Product information:

  • 100 Silver Leaves - 24 Karat - Standard 999/1000
  • Size of each leaf approx. 1.6" x 1.6" or 40 mm x 40 mm


  • Decorating items for furniture, antique, photo frame, art & craft, sculpture, and multi-purposes.
  • Suitable for general gilding in- and outdoor.
  • Decorating lettering and bookbinding's.
  • Popular in interior design and artistic work.
  • You can use the gold leafs on wood, sand, cement, glass, metal, carved and raised letters, signboards, trucks and general flat surfaces.
  • Usable in cosmetics.
  • Pure natural gold improves the skin.
  • Edible - you can use it for any kind of food decoration.


  • Loose Silver
  • A book of loose silver leaf is assembled by placing each piece of silver leaf between pieces of thin rouged paper. The gilder can then remove one leaf at a time without disturbing the remaining leaves. It is removed from the book with a gilder's tip, a flat natural hair brush.

Content of Delivery:

  • 100 Silver Leaves (24K standard 999/1000) size approx. 1.6" x 1.6" or 40 mm x 40 mm


  • Brand new

Mode of dispatch:

  • Registered airmail requiring signature.


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