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100mg Gold Flakes - 24 Carats - 99.9% pure - edible

100mg Gold Flakes - 24 Carats - 99.9% pure - edible


Gold Flakes

24 Carats / 99.9% pure


Used to sprinkle the tops of candies with a gold glimmer, and for adding floating gold flecks to alcoholic drinks.

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24 Karat edible pure gold has a long history as a beneficial ingredient. Various positive powers are attributed to it, such as the ability:

  • to conduct energies
  • to regenerate
  • to rejuvinate
  • to increase the flow of oxygen
  • to act as an anti flammatory
  • even to invigorate

The unique brilliance make this 24 karat pure gold flakes the ideal choice for the gilding of chocolate and the refining of culinary delicacies. Gold flakes opens entirely new facets to food decoration. There are no limits to you creativity… the highly glamorous effect make 24 karat gold flakes a jewel that can be utilized in many ways.

  • Food: confectionary, chocolate, beverages.
  • Culinary: refining of foods, creative kitchen.
  • Now gilded beverages and brilliant condiments are possible.


Product information:

  • 100mg Gold Flakes - 24 Carats - 99.9% pure - edible
  • Packaging may differ from the picture.



  • Edible - you can use it for any kind of food decoration.
    • The shimmering, pure 24 karat edible gold flakes adds a subtle luster to just about anything. You can put it on cookies, cupcakes. With a few gold flakes in champagne you will receive a special highlight, and get such a matchless touch of exclusivity.
  • Usable in cosmetics.
    • Pure natural gold improves the skin.
    • Combine a touch of pure 24 karat gold flakes with a small amount of your favourite day cream or body oil, lightly massage it into your skin and watch the micro sized gold particles literally melt on your skin. The result - a lightly shimmmering silky teint gleaming with the feeling of well being.

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  • 1 Jar Gold Flakes - 100mg net


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