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Senna - 2 Box - 160 Capsules - Ngamrahong

Senna - 2 Box - 160 Capsules - Ngamrahong

Senna - 2 Box - each 80 Capsules - Ngamrahong

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Senna angustifolia or Cassia angustifolia is native to tropical Africa and cultivated in Asia and elsewhere, its pale green stems and branches reaching up to 60cm in height. The alternate leaves are even-pinnate, with four or five pairs of lanceolate or obovate leaflets that are brittle and greyish green in colour. The small yellow flowers are characterised by five spreading clawed petals. The fruit is in an oblong pod about 5cm long. C. angustifolia is native to India, Somalia, Asia, and Arabia. People in Asia have used senna as a laxative for centuries. It was considered a “cleansing” herb because of its cathartic effect.

Senna Tablets from Thanyaporn are a laxative made with natural senna treated especially to yield a constant amount of active ingredient in each dose, to give predictable relief from occasional or non-persistent constipation.

Scientific name:

  • Senna angustifolia

  • Cassia angustifolia



  • Senna is used to treat constipation and works by increasing movement in the gut. It generally acts in about eight to 12 hours.

  • For adults, the tablets are usually taken as a single dose at bedtime. For children, the dose is usually taken in the morning.

  • Senna sometimes causes mild abdominal pain but this generally goes away quite quickly.

  • Senna will help relieve constipation, but other things are important as well. If possible you need to eat plenty of fibre (fresh fruit, vegetables, bran), drink plenty of fluid and take some exercise.



  • Senna Leaves 200mg 

  • Senna Pods 100mg


  • 2-4 capsules daily at bed time



  • Product in original sealed packing

  • Each bottle contains 240 capsules

  • Expiration date between 20-24 months


  • The capsules are contained in the airtight package to maintain the most safty quality.


  • New - unopened in the original packaging.

Scope of delivery:

  • 2 Box Senna from Ngamrahong - each Box 80 Capsule

Mode of dispatch:

  • Registered airmail requiring signature.

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